Dr. Ratnakar Pawar – Founder & Chairman 

Dr. Sulbha Pawar – Director 

Er. Aashirwad Pawar – Managing Director 

Er. Tejaswini Pawar – Counsellor

Adv. Devdutta Dhikle – Legal Advisor

Our Vision

“Because of the few selfish, irresponsible people in our society or because of the destiny there are so many little children living helplessly around us. They don’t even have food and clothes, which are basic needs for survival, forget about shelter and education”They have right to smile,educate,grow and most importantly to live.
Dr. Ratnakar Pawar – Founder & Chairman 

Our Mission

“These kids get proper food including morning tea, milk, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner, separate beds, proper education, proper health services, medical checking, entertainment etc.”

Our organization is therefore working since last more than 26 years for these poor, orphan kids who are neglected by their own blood, We take good care of these kids who are being thrown on the roads or even in the garbage.Who actually require their mother’s warmth,love and her milk. Look at their destiny where they have been landed! This home is a new hope for all these people who have a constitutional right to live their life as per their choice, the right which has been deprived to them by their own people.

Today to take proper care we have a fully developed building with 15000 sq.ft. area on the 5 acre land. We’ve developed a huge garden, play area, temple, internal roads, a play room, indoor games’ room etc for these little ones.”



Work By Us

“Our Home is a shelter to all kinds of Orphan children ( right from a day old child ) as well as to the aged and helpless and needy. We take care of their food, clothing, education, marriage etc. We arrange to celebrate their birthdays, any other special days, take them out for picnics, outings, etc.

Sometimes, a few generous people arrange for feasts, which make the residents of Ashram feel loved, wanted and homely. It is our mission and goal that all these residents feel wanted, loved, cherished and homely at their own home..”


Ashram Address

Smt.Garda Anath Balakashram, Khambale, Taluka Trimbakeshwar, District Nashik, Nashik-Trimbak Road.

Office Address

Varadhasta, Opp. Nakshatra Lawns, Pipeline Road, Gangapur Road, Nashik.

Contact Details

Aashirwad Pawar

+91 919823346123

Dr. Ratnakar Pawar

+91 9420365734
+91 9890617753

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