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Our Home is a shelter to all kinds of Orphan children (right from a day old child to a 5 years old) as well as to the aged and helpless and needy. We take care of their food, clothing, education, marriage etc. We arrange to celebrate their birthdays, any other special days, take them out for picnics, outings, etc.


Ashirwad Seva Dham, a charitable trust, was formed in 1984 and since then has been spreading its wings day by day without any government or semi government aid. We are working in sectors of Orphanage namely "Anath Balakashram". It’s a home within a home for the people who are neglected by their own blood, who are neglected by the society, who are neglected by all agencies, cheap replica watches or due to Gods curse. This home is a new hope for all these people who have a constitutional right to live their life as per their choice, the right which has been deprived to them by their own people.

About People

A few generous people arrange for feasts, which make the residents of Ashram feel loved, wanted and homely. It is our mission and goal that all these residents feel wanted, loved, cherished and homely at their own home.